Our SecAware4school-Team

Regina Schuktomow
Vita: Prof. Dr. Margit Scholl. Prof. Dr. Margit Scholl is responsible at the TH Wildau for the scientific education in business and administrative informatics and in particular for the non-technical courses of studies. She has also been very active in research since the beginning of her scientific career. Information security/data protection and corresponding awareness as well as problem-/project-based blended learning scenarios are particularly important in her teaching and research portfolio. In 2011, she was awarded the research prize of her university and since September 2014 her professorship has been a research professorship for five years with the focus on "Holistic Structure and Participative Management of Smart Technologies of the 21st Century". She also heads the Wildau Institute for Innovative Teaching, Lifelong Learning and Creative Evaluation (WILLE), which she founded in 2010,consolidated with the Technology Transfer and Continuing Education Centre (TWZ e.V.), where she offers a wide range of continuing education courses.
Regina Schuktomow
Regina Schuktomow is a creative person and an enthusiastic coordinator. She is interested in the research topic of information security in schools. In this team, she develops experience-oriented learning scenarios for schools in order to inspire students with the topic of information security.
Peter Koppatz
Peter Koppatz is an enthusiastic software developer, lecturer and programmer. In this project he is responsible for technical questions and the development of new teaching and learning scenarios.
Clara Paetow
Clara Paetow is currently studying autmation technology at TH Wildau. In the project SecAware4school, she is doing research tasks and is involved in developing and implementing new learning scenarios.
Yanan Tian
Yanan Tian is currently studying information systems at TH Wildau. In the project SecAware4school, she is involved in the developing of digital learning scenarios on the topic of information security and data privacy.