Aims and methods

Methodical approach

In order to achieve the aims of the project, we develop specific trainings and sensitizing concepts fitted for the target audience (students, parents and teachers). In addition, we design, test and evaluate learning materials (e.g. experience-oriented learning scenarios). The learning approaches game-based and accelerated learning are transferred to experience-oriented learning scenarios in the topic of information security. According to previous studies from Prof. Dr. Scholl and her research partner known_sense, motivation and emotionalizing are of particular importance for learning processes in information security. The project SecAware4school is dedicated to the development, use and evaluation of experience-oriented learning scenarios in school surroundings through both analogue/haptic games and electronic versions such as apps and browser-based applications, thus anabling the better assessment of information security risks by ordinary persons (students, parents and teachers).

Our methods:

  • encourage the ability to communicate, social interaction and teamwork.
  • pick up real (problem) situations from everyday work life.
  • let complex and abstract learning content become concrecte and tangible.
  • offer direct feedback on learners’ progress.
  • enable learning by trying, making mistakes and repeating.
  • are geared to the learners, their levels of knowledge and their needs (learner-centered learning).
  • support the transfer and exchange of knowledge.