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Why the Secaware4School project is necessary?

More security in schools!

In the project »Information Security Awareness for Daily Life at School«, students and their attachment figures (teachers and parents) are sensitized to the subject of information security. It is essential that they learn to carefully handle personal data when using internet services and social networks. In oder to communicate the abstract topic of information security and make it concrete for students, many creative teaching and learning methods are used. In this way, the basic technical and organizational knowledge required for information security is interwoven with experience-oriented learning scenarios, coaching, and mentoring concepts. Analogue and digital simulated scenarios are used as creative tools. Students, teachers and parents from five schools on the pilot programme are taking part in the project. SecAware4school is sponsored by the Horst Görtz Foundation

  • Information security – why?
  • Safe use of smartphones
  • Legal requirements concerning information security
  • Safety-relevant behaviour
  • Encryption and digitalsignature
  • Current topics in relation with information security